Investigation: Vermont’s “Antiquated” Child Care System Puts Children at Risk

According to an investigative report by the VTDigger, Vermont’s “antiquated” foster care system places kids at risk; “the primary system, called SSMIS, for inputting and warehousing basic information about minors in state custody and their placements was created in the early 1980s.” Lauren Higbee, deputy advocate in Vermont’s new Office of the Child, Youth and Family Advocate, which has independent oversight powers over the state’s Department for Children and Families, details some of the systems shortcomings.

Ariz. Ranking in State Occupational Licensing Index

According to the Knee Regulatory Research Center, Arizona ranks 31st nationally in the State Occupational Licensing Index report—with 1st the most burdensome. Arizona makes it illegal to work in 175 of the 331 occupations examined, 30 more than Kansas, the state with the fewest legal barriers.  Among those 175 occupations, 13 occupations require licensure in 20 states or fewer nationally; for example, Arizona remains one of only two states to issue a separate license for a specialty residential contractor and one of only five states to license cemetery brokers.

Ore. Offers Law School Graduates Alternative to State Bar Exam

Starting in May, Oregon plans to offer an alternative to the state bar exam for law school graduates—an apprenticeship program. Zane Sparling, a reporter for The Oregonian, joined CBS News on November 27 to discuss the details. Law graduates must spend 675 hours working under the supervision of an attorney. During that time, they create a portfolio that examiners at the Oregon State Bar review to determine competency.

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