Ind. Eliminates Permit Requirement to Carry Handguns

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law March 21 that eliminates the license requirement to carry a handgun in Indiana. Now, anyone who legally could carry a handgun with a permit previously can carry a handgun without a permit moving forward. That also means that most residents 18 years and older can carry a handgun in public without a background check—unless they did that to purchase a handgun. According to IndyStar, “permits still will be available to those who want one, such as those traveling to another state that has reciprocity with Indiana.”

State-level Sanctions on Russia

A growing number of states chose to impose their own sanctions on Russia for their invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with U.C. Berkely assistant professor of finance Anastassia Fedyk, the Legislative Deep Dive explores the tools available to states to show support for the U.S. government’s sanctions against Russia. Fedyk explores state-level sanctions, as well as the pressures faced by states in light of actions by the federal government. The Legislative Deep Dive from March 10 explores the State of State’s Sanctions on Russia.

Wisc. Report Offers Solutions for Licensing Backlog

A report released in March from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) offers reform ideas to tackle the licensing backlog at the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). The report outlines three ways to increase accountability, while suggesting an alternative pathway for people to enter the workforce as they await licensing. Backlogged: Licensing Delays Keep People from Entering the Workforce, asks the DSPS to set processing goals publicly, for example.

Many Government Employees Still Teleworking 

A survey indicates that two years into the pandemic, many government employees still work remotely. The latest data indicates remote work from COVID amounts to about 10% of local government employees, 18% of state employees and 28% of federal workers. By comparison, according to Government Technology, the government-wide telework rate in May 2020 amounted to 57%. 

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