Your agency sends and receives correspondence, like email and letters, and needs to save and file it. Do you lack the tools needed to accomplish this efficiently? Do staff lose important correspondence due to ineffective storage?

Tracking correspondence prevents common problems:

  • Staff spend time manually searching for correspondence.
  • Staff lose correspondence not saved to system.
  • Staff miscommunicate important information.
  • Staff miss important deadlines.
  • Systems fails to provide audit trail.

Tracking email offers solutions

Choose a system that tracks correspondence automatically using an email management functionality, which makes finding emails and letters easy. Use email management functionality to manage incoming and outgoing emails related to records in the system, including all related attachments.

Find a system that provides an automated process for uploading outgoing and incoming emails to their correct records, eliminating the hassle of routing and attaching emails to records manually. The feature provides an important audit trail and reduces filing time for your agency.

Benefits of correspondence tracking:

  • Staff save time.
  • System saves all correspondence.
  • Staff find important information.
  • Staff meet deadlines.
  • System offers audit trail.

Features to look for to track email

When looking at how to track correspondence, such as email, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • ​Stores emails on records
  • Uploads email automatically
  • Includes email thread
  • Displays failed emails
  • Saves email attachments

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