Before revoking a license or expiring an application, your agency likely sends out first, second and third notices. Does your agency send these notices out manually? If so, you know this takes time, with no ability to track notices already sent. To operate efficiently, a system must allow users to send and track notices automatically by automating warning letters and emails.

Automated notices prevent common problems:

  • System fails to track the notices already sent.
  • System fails to track when to send notices.
  • System fails to save notice to the record.
  • Staff struggle to find communication.
  • Staff miscommunicate information.
  • Significant backlogs build up.
  • Staff spend excessive time on manual process.
  • Staff miss important deadlines.
  • Constituents receive important information late.
  • Missed deadlines subject agency to possible litigation.
  • Agency receives pressure to update system.

Automated revocation notices offer solutions

Automated revocation notices use rules set by your agency. Automation enables you to send notices on a prescribed schedule, such as 30, 60 and 90 days overdue. An optimal system tracks the notifications already sent, whether the first, second or third, for example. And upon sending the final notice, if desired, the system automatically revokes a license, expires an application or closes a case due to non-responsiveness.

Store notifications along with related records in your system. This feature provides an important audit trail and saves filing time for your agency. Conversation-style tracking stores all replies to a notification.

Benefits of automated revocation notices:

  • Staff meet deadlines.
  • Constituents receive timely information.
  • Agencies earn trust.
  • Agencies save postage.
  • System tracks the notices already sent.
  • System sends notices on time.
  • System saves notice to the record.
  • Staff find communication.
  • Staff communicate appropriate information.
  • Agencies reduce backlogs.
  • Staff save time.

Features to look for when selecting automated letters and email for your system

When selecting automated warning letters and emails for your system, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Stores notifications with related record.
  • Triggers notices based on any user-defined criteria.
  • Sends notices at desired time intervals.
  • Tracks the number of notices sent.
  • Enforces proper action on the record.
  • Offers ability to automatically revoke a license.
  • Expires an application automatically, if desired.
  •  Offers functionality to close a case due to non-responsiveness.
  •  Ability to query all delinquent payments for licensees.

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