Preparing for a board meeting takes time. Lots of time.

Each item that appears on an agenda, from a rule change to a disciplinary case, requires supporting information. The people involved must be notified. And your board must receive a complete packet far enough in advance to allow for thorough review.

The work isn’t finished when the meeting concludes.  Decisions that occur during a board meeting can require updates to hundreds of records. New licenses will have been approved. Existing licenses will have been suspended or revoked. Fines will have been assessed.

Automate Your Process

No one wants to do all of this preparation and follow-up manually. A configurable application helps regulatory specialists work more efficiently through comprehensive automation. Streamline license applications and renewals; track and audit continuing education hours; and manage investigations, inspections and enforcement.

Use a system that can schedule board meetings automatically. Staff can run reports showing upcoming board meetings as well as the records to be reviewed during each. Automate the compilation of all related information and the creation of meeting packets. Share information electronically and securely with board members for review. After the meeting concludes, the system helps agencies update affected records quickly and easily.

Reduce Staff Time

By reducing the time needed to prepare for board meetings, enable your staff to use their time more efficiently. Meanwhile, creating and distributing electronic board agendas eliminates spending on paper and postage.

Create Visual Reporting

BI reports allow agencies to present data to their boards in a compelling and easily understood format. These tools help visualize a wide array of measures, including licensing and renewal trends, and even the number and location of available residential treatment beds. Because BI reports are interactive, users can filter data to illustrate areas of concern.

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