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How to Automate CE at Your Licensing Agency

How to Automate CE at Your Licensing Agency

CE Broker’s Sr. Director of External Affairs & Government Relations Kelly Parker shares how to modernize continuing education at your regulatory agency. She also discusses incorporating artificial intelligence into CE systems in a “safe and reasonable way.”...

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Fla. Proposes Easing Requirements for New Occupational Licenses

A Florida bill proposes to ease occupational licensing requirements for those moving to Florida from another state. If enacted, an applicant with the experience and qualifications, as well as in good standing from another state, would qualify to receive a Florida license, according to The Center Square on April 19. Senate Bill 1364 by state Sen. Jay Collins “has the potential to add upwards of 200,000 new licensures through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and the Florida Department of Health is expected to have a 75 percent increase in workforce in the Sunshine State.”

Mont. Bill Would Ease Daycare Regulations

A Montana bill proposes easing licensing requirements for certain types of daycares. House Bill 918 passed the Senate unanimously, according to kyssfm on April 20.  According to Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick, the bill helps address the child care shortage, but ensures those daycares already in business stay in business. Fitzpatrick explained, “We passed earlier in this session, a bill by Representative Carlson to eliminate some of the registration and licensing requirements. And what will happen now if that bill goes into effect and this bill does not go into effect is that you could potentially now have family daycares zoned out because they would no longer qualify as a residential use of property. This bill simply ensures that if you are running a licensed or unlicensed daycare, that you will still qualify as a residential use of property for zoning purposes.”

Nev. Considers Licensing Midwifery

A Nev. bill proposes licensing midwives in Nevada, currently the only state in the western United States to not regulate midwives, according to the Nevada Current on April 19. Assembly Bill 386, would create optional state licensure for certified professional midwives (CPMs). Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe Moreno, the bill’s sponsor, explained that the optional licensure would be “for those who want to be held to a higher standard.” While the National Association of CPMs supports the bill, the Nevada Midwives Association remains opposed.

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