Do This Before Adding AI at Your Regulatory Agency

Before you start your artificial intelligence journey for your regulatory agency, know your goals with AI; that advice comes from Code for America Chief Executive Officer Amanda Renteria. The non-profit organization recently launched their AI Studio to help government implement human-centered artificial intelligence. On the June 13 StateScoop Priorities Podcast, she asks: “What is your goal? Is it to speed up the process? Is it to simplify the process for the end user?”

Top Tips to Get AI Right at Your Regulatory Agency

AI offers regulatory agencies a powerful tool—that also needs careful management—according to Richard Hendra, director of the Center for Data Insights at MDRC, a nonpartisan social policy nonprofit; he offers six tips to integrate AI into your agency programs in Route Fifty on June 14. He suggests starting with a pilot program, for example, to see what works on a small scale. “In the end,” he explains, “AI really is like GPS: In most circumstances, it will help agencies reach their destination sooner, with less anxiety.”

New York Cannabis Board Announces License Updates

The New York Cannabis Control Board (CCB) recently announced new rules for home growing; the CCB approved rules that allows adults over 21 to grow cannabis at home, as of June 1. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul also announced that the CCB approved an additional 105 adult-use cannabis licenses, according to High Times on June 13.

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