Digital Government Ties for First Place in Survey of State Priorities

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers presented their yearly preview of the issues impacting state and local government IT. The forecast featured NASCIO’s key findings, based on surveys and interviews with technology executives. In their 2024 Tech Forecast for State and Local IT: Cloudy Skies With a Mix of Modernization and A Lot of AI, they reviewed the 2024 State CIO Top 10 Priorities; for the first time, NASCIO saw a tie for first place—cybersecurity and risk management, along with digital government/digital services.

Conn. Gov. Recommends Eliminating Licensure Application Fees for Certain Jobs

Connecticut’s Gov. Ned Lamont announced his recommendation to eliminate licensure fees for certain professions, according to a January 31 press release. His fiscal year 2025 budget adjustment proposal recommends “that licensure application fees required for workers to obtain certain jobs in the education, childcare, and healthcare fields be eliminated.” The governor wants to eliminate fees for these jobs to encourage people to fill the many vacancies in these professions.

Missouri’s Occupational Licensing Ranking

The 2023 State Occupational Licensing Index ranked Missouri by the number of licensed occupations, focusing on the 331 occupations in the Knee Regulatory Research Center’s licensing database. Missouri establishes minimum entry requirements for 151 of those occupations; twelve of those occupations require licensure in 20 states or fewer nationally. Missouri, for example, remains one of 15 states to license professional wrestlers. In the 2023 SOLI, Missouri ranked 50th nationally—with 1st the most burdensome.

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