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Agency staff regularly prepare board meeting packets. Manually gathering all the needed documents, however, takes a lot of staff time. A Board Meeting Management business process offers a solution, enabling staff to store and manage all data related to board meetings, including the automatic generation of board meeting review materials and agendas.

Board Meeting Management solves many common problems:

  • Staff spend time manually creating packets.
  • Staff spend less time performing work for agency.
  • Staff feel frustrated with the packet creation.
  • System fails to efficiently generate board packets.

Board Meeting Management offers a solution

A Board Meeting Management business process offers the ability to fully automate the compilation of board meeting packets and all related information. The process compiles all electronic files required for a board meeting into a single, easy to distribute package. Using the Board Meeting Management process, these files can then be copied onto DVDs, laptops or a network share drive and used for board members to prepare for and conduct reviews at board meetings.

Benefits of Board Meeting Management:

  • System automatically generates board packets.
  • Staff save time.
  • Staff spend more time performing work for agency.
  • System efficiently generates board packets.

Features to look for

When looking at adding a Board Meeting Management business process to your system, some key features to look for include:

  • Sets up and tracks all details related to the agenda.
  • Creates and manages board meeting agenda items.
  • Associates records directly to board meeting agenda items.
  • Uses a Board Meeting Manager screen to display and manage agenda items.
  • Uses the Board Meeting Manager screen to update agenda item status and notes dynamically during the board meeting.
  • ​Generates and posts PDF version of agenda online for public access.
  • Displays all documentation to review at the board meeting related to each record.
  • Generates board meeting minutes automatically, based on the stored agenda items and updated notes.
  • Ensures the retention of all board meeting history.

Agency spotlight: Nebraska Department of Administrative Services

State Claims Board Fully Automates Monthly Board Meeting Agenda
The Nebraska Department of Administrative Services, an agency that manages all state tort and insurance claims, uses GL Suite to fully automate their monthly board meeting agenda and supporting files. What used to take over a week of staff preparation time now only takes a few hours. Staff, for example, run a command to automatically compile all supporting documentation for board meeting agenda items. Running a report in GL Suite automatically generates the agenda. The system frees up staff time for activities that help the agency run better.

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