Artificial Intelligence Resources by State

The National Governors Association offers an ever-expanding list of artificial intelligence resources by state. The State Resource List on Artificial Intelligence includes links to federal-level activities, state executive branch activities, state legislative actions, local-level activities, and resources for technical assistance. The list continues to expand, as AI resources evolve for each state. According to the NGA, “NGA advances bipartisan dialogue, fosters policy innovation, facilitates information-sharing, advocates bipartisan policy priorities, conducts research and data development, and provides technical assistance in support of the leaders of the nation’s 55 states, territories and commonwealths.”

Colorado’s Occupational Licensing Ranking

The 2023 State Occupational Licensing Index ranked Colorado by the number of licensed occupations, focusing on the 331 occupations in the Knee Regulatory Research Center’s licensing database. Colorado establishes minimum entry requirements for 154 of those occupations; six of those occupations require licensure in 20 states or fewer nationally. Colorado, for example, licenses vehicle factory representatives and insurance administrators—licensed in only 11 other states. In the 2023 SOLI, Colorado ranked 47th nationally—with 1st the most burdensome.

Artificial Intelligence: States Leading the Way

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers recently released their annual list of federal priorities. NASCIO listed Artificial Intelligence: States Leading the Way as one of the priorities in the 2024 Federal Advocacy Priorities report. According to NASCIO, “the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) promises to have a tremendous impact on how citizens interact with government at all levels and for almost all services, and states are encouraged that our federal partners are working to address the increasing use of this technology in the operation of government.” NASCIO cited four other priorities in the report. During the podcast, NASCIO’s 2024 Federal Advocacy Priorities Unveiled, NASCIO discusses the results.

More State Regulatory Headlines

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