6 Plays for Effective Enterprise Portfolio Management

A new report highlights how four states approach enterprise portfolio management. Actively Managing the IT Investment Portfolio: A Playbook for State Government reveals the operating disciplines used by these states. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers explains that in their report, “each state presented different aspects of enterprise portfolio management as well as reinforcing the importance of supporting disciplines in investment management, enterprise architecture and customer experience.” NASCIO offers states the six essential “plays” for starting and developing an enterprise portfolio management discipline.

AI Standards Proposed in Conn. Bill

The Connecticut Senate unanimously passed a bill on May 11 focused on setting standards for the use of AI tools. The legislation shifted from “back burner to urgent with the release of an easy-to-use AI tool, ChatGPT,” according to the CT Mirror. Senate Bill 1103 requires the state to inventory all AI tools used by state agencies. The bill also creates a permanent working group appointed by the governor and legislators.

Mont. Gov Gianforte Vetoes Child Welfare Reforms

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte vetoed three bills on May 11 that made reforms to child welfare and state mental health systems. House Bill 37, for example, required Child Protective Services to obtain a warrant before removing children, except in emergency situations, according to the Montana Free Press. Gianforte explained he rejected the bill because the bill “ties the department’s hands in exigent circumstances when a child’s life may be at risk and immediate removal is needed but not permitted under House Bill 37 without a warrant.”

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