4 Consequences of Weakening Licensing Standards

The Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing outlines the repercussions of weakening licensing standards. “Calls to eliminate or weaken licensing make no distinction for highly complex, technical professionals with high public impact. These broad-brush proposals would sweep up these professions along with a host of vocations and occupations,” explains ARPL. The organization lists four consequences of weakening professional licensing standards, including putting the public at risk.

50 State Factsheets on Labor Policies

A publication by The American Legislative Exchange Council provides labor policy factsheets on all 50 states, including whether they recognize out-of-state occupational licenses. According to ALEC, the “publication provides a snapshot of the labor policies in each state in order to give workers, businesses, and lawmakers a resource to understand how these policies are inhibiting or protecting worker freedom and flexibility.” ALEC describes themselves as an organization focused on “limited government and free markets.”

Maine Office of Child and Family Services Fails to Meet Federal Guidelines, Report Shows

A report from an independent watchdog group found that Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services oftentimes fails to meet federal guidelines. WABI reported that the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability reviewed 235 cases from 2017 to 2023. In 54% of cases “the caseworker wasn’t able to provide an accurate assessment of the parent’s substance use.”

More State Regulatory Headlines

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La. Senate Passes Bill to Allow ‘Permitless Carry’ of Concealed Handguns

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