StateRAMP unveiled their initiatives for 2024 at a recent Provider Leadership Council meeting. StateRAMP, a nonprofit membership organization, helps to meet the need for a standardized approach to cybersecurity standards from those providers that serve state and local governments.

At the meeting, StateRAMP leaders, including StateRAMP Executive Director Leah McGrath, summarized the 2024 initiatives. These initiatives included:

CJIS Overlay for Moderate Impact Level

A StateRAMP CJIS-Aligned Task Force plans to create an overlay for StateRAMP’s Moderate Impact Level baseline controls that aligns with CJIS requirements.  According to a May 29 press release, the initiative represents a collaboration between StateRAMP and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information Services (FBI CJIS); the task force “will craft an overlay to StateRAMP baseline controls that aligns seamlessly with CJIS requirements, ensuring robust security measures tailored to the unique needs of the criminal justice community.” The task force aims to create a draft overlay by Fall 2024.

NASPO/StateRAMP Procurement Resource

StateRAMP aims to help standardize the procurement process for state government—and providers alike. A task force, made up of StateRAMP and NASPO officials, plans to create deliverables for the procurement resources project.

In the Provider Leadership Council meeting, StateRAMP’s Chief of Operations Jessica Van Eerde, shared the vison to craft a “procurement toolkit,” filled with the best practices for IT policy, procurement clauses and contract clauses.

Private Education Members

Leah McGrath shared that StateRAMP now serves private education. The StateRAMP board recently amended their bylaws to also include private K-12 and private higher education. Public sector members of StateRAMP, she said, include “states, local governments, K-12, higher education, special districts and the territories.”

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GL Solutions partners with StateRAMP as a Provider member. Our CEO, Bill Moseley, serves as a member of the StateRAMP Provider Leadership Council.

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