August 25, 2020

Protect your agency from embezzlers

Protection from embezzler

Following an investigation by Mississippi’s state auditor, a former Pearl River County deputy tax collector was indicted in October 2019 for embezzling thousands of dollars. Stacy Treadaway allegedly manipulated her agency’s software to void transactions when vehicle license tags and property taxes were paid, then pocketing the money, according to WLOX in Biloxi.

Within weeks of Treadaway’s indictment, two former public employees in Smith County, Miss., were charged with embezzlement, according to WTOK in Meridian. One, Justin Middleton, allegedly stole more than $20,000 by, among other things, stealing cash payments meant to pay for solid waste collection and entering false credits into the agency’s software system.

While most public employees are honest and diligent, stories like these are common, and they support the use of software applications like GL Suite that make theft and embezzlement extremely difficult.

GL Suite created by former regulatory officials

Developed by former regulatory officials with the Oregon Department of Justice, GL Suite addresses the unique payment and auditing needs of state licensing agencies. The application can establish and collect fees for all services an agency offers. It can create invoices automatically as part of the application or renewal process, then link every payment with the license or employer to which it is related. This invoice creates a clear link between the fee and the payment. The system also can create unique tracking numbers for all incoming payments, establishing an audit trail should money go missing.

GL Suite separates staff duites

The application also offers a payment logging feature that separates the duties of staff who enter payments into the system from those who apply those payments to their related invoices. This separation helps to ensure that a single person cannot handle or account for money dishonestly. The system can be configured to allow only certain user groups or staff to log or apply payments.

GL Suite supports internal audits

To support internal audits, meanwhile, the system can create reports that provide thorough and accurate financial tracking for your agency.

By automating business processes, streamlining data entry and supporting self-service public websites, GL Suite helps regulatory agencies work more efficiently. Meanwhile, the application’s payment processing and financial reporting capabilities allow users to protect public assets even as they control costs.

Among the regulatory agencies that take full advantage of the application’s payment processing and accounting functionality is the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, which uses GL Suite to license bail bondsmen, among other things. The agency which uses the system to log and apply payments, run receipt and refund reports, payment applying reports and more.

Below are some of the ways GL Suite processes payments and protects public funds:

  • Allows agencies to set and increase fees and apply them to records.
  • Creates invoices for all monetary events that occur within the system.
  • Links invoices with fees and related payments.
  • Can create unique validation numbers for each payment or batch of payments.
  • Meets, through payment logging, separation-of-duty requirements.
  • Can generate custom reports for payment problems.
  • Can accommodate partial or split payments.
  • Offers standard financial reports, including daily deposit summary and month-end summary.
  • Can create agency-specific financial reports.

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