September 27, 2021

Need to Update Your System Fast? Experience and Flexibility Matter

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The wheels of government turn slowly … except when they don’t.

What licensing agency hasn’t scrambled to implement a new law or rule on a tight schedule? Legislatures routinely adjust licensure requirements and combine regulatory boards. In rare circumstances – a pandemic, for instance – executive actions can change renewal periods or slash fees, seemingly overnight.

The legislators and governors rarely consider how difficult it can be for regulatory agencies to implement sudden changes. Modifying your software system to accommodate a new license type can be slow and expensive. Adjusting fees and renewal periods can be a challenge as well.

GL Solutions has designed both the GL Suite application and its support plans to accommodate such urgency. After all, it was founded by former regulatory officials to help people just like them work efficiently. Here are a few of the things that set us apart:


GL Solutions was founded 24 years ago to serve regulatory agencies, and it’s all we’ve done since. We’ve installed scores of licensing and case management systems for a wide range of agencies, from boards of geology to sprawling human services departments. Even as we’ve gained experience and expertise, we’ve continued to update our software and services to meet the ever-changing needs of professional regulators.


GL Suite is a configurable software platform that can automate the processes of any regulatory agency, from initial applications to investigations and enforcement. By serving many agencies of various types over the decades, we’ve developed an extensive library of business processes. We can update the systems we support quickly and confidently. Technically sophisticated agencies can even configure the application themselves.

Support plan

GL Solutions’ support plans recognize that regulatory agencies must update their systems regularly – and sometimes urgently. The monthly cost covers not only hosting, defect correction and account management, but also regular system enhancements.

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