December 14, 2020

Mobile Inspections give inspectors current information

Mobile inspections

Inspectors need up-to-date information to work efficiently and accurately. Too often, however, the information at their disposal is old and incomplete, leading to incorrect inspections and even incorrectly issued permits. GL Solutions’ inspection system ensures accuracy by providing access to the most current information stored in the GL Suite back end.

Protect the vulnerable, reassure the public

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the importance of timely and public inspections of nursing homes and other facilities. In Hawaii, for example, state law requires the Department of Health to publish reports for long-term care facilities on its website within five days of inspections. A seniors’ advocacy group criticized the department this year for failing to meet this requirement for several facilities, including one in which 27 residents died from COVID, according to Hawaii Public Radio.

Providing inspectors with up-to-date information enhances their efficiency, allowing them to complete inspections quickly and their departments to post results that reassure the public.

Mobile inspections use current information

Inspectors supported by the GL Suite system use laptops, tablets or smart phones to perform inspections on forms that exactly mimic those in the system’s back end. All information is loaded onto these remote devices automatically, ensuring inspections are conducted on schedule and with the latest information. There is no need to travel back and forth to the office. With GL Suite, inspectors have everything they need to work quickly and accurately in the field.

Learn more about mobile inspections in GL Suite

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