November 4, 2019

How GL Solutions protects client data

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GL Solutions takes great care to safeguard client data. Using server and network security solutions, GL Solutions staff are notified when possible security events are detected, and documented action is taken immediately to confirm that the threat is neutralized and your data protected. As new threats are introduced, GL Solutions procedures continually adapt to ensure an effective response.

Our internal intrusion detection device (the AlienVault) has been configured to review server logs and network traffic for possible attacks, and then to alert us in real time when a possible threat is detected. One threat that we see frequently is “SQL Injection Attacks Detected” – but we need a standard way to respond to such a threat. We have responded by creating a system event plan describing how to review the threat, determine whether the target is susceptible to the attack, resolve any misconfigurations or defects that may have allowed it, and then what to do if the attack was successful.

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