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Ditching Typewriters for Automation at the Nev. Fire Marshal

A Case Study

Nevada State Fire Marshal Case Study

Meet the Nevada State Fire Marshal

The Nevada State Fire Marshal licenses the fire protection industry—from blasters to magicians—as well as handling applications for the retail sale of portable fire extinguishers.

Companies must attain a license and individuals must get certified to perform the work from the Nevada State Fire Marshal to sell, install or service any fire protection equipment.

In addition, the fire marshal handles complaints against the industry to ensure that only qualified companies and individuals provide fire protection.

The Nevada State Fire Marshal accomplishes their mission with fire prevention education and engineering, fire service training, as well as with licensing/permitting and investigative/enforcement services.

Before GL Suite: Typewriters

Before GL Suite, the Nevada State Fire Marshall used typewriters. They hand typed all cards and all licenses. They also manually processed all applications. Besides the typewriter, they also relied on Excel spreadsheets.

Using a typewriter took a lot of the agency’s time and introduced opportunities for human error. And without an integrated system, the manual work of using a typewriter and a spreadsheet sometimes created duplicate data.

With GL Suite: Efficient, Digital Processes

The agency put their typewriters and paper on the shelf and transitioned to an automated system. The Nevada State Fire Marshal installed GL Suite as their agency’s solution and moved the license, certification and renewal processes online.

Instead of typing cards on the typewriter, now the staff efficiently print those cards from the GL Suite licensing system; these include cards that fit in their wallet, like a driver’s license—a popular item among their licensees. In addition to these wallet cards for individuals, they also use the system to print licenses for businesses.

Instead of rifling through stacks of paper to look for information, they simply pull up that information on the computer with their GL Suite software.

The solution brings more transparency and trust to the department and frees staff time for more valuable work.

Additional benefits the agency enjoys from automation:

  • Fewer errors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater consistency
  • Easier access of data

At a Glance

Permits processed annually: 100,000

License/certificate types: 31

GL Solutions client since: 2019

Number of staff users: 3

Client website:  

Transforming the Agency

The agency continues to transform and modernize their system. Their plans include updating websites and moving towards a more web-based approach for end users.

Other items on their transformation bucket list include:

  • Getting all processes online
  • Automating all business processes
  • Moving everything into the database
  • Incorporating GL Suite’s online Process Guides—to efficiently guide staff through business processes

GL Solution’s step-by-step transformation service makes modernizing the licensing and permitting process simple.

Modernizing your Agency

GL Solutions helps governments run, grow and adapt. For guidance on how to modernize your system, look at our Agency Modernization service. Or call us at (971) 337-2659 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

State agencies from Alaska to Connecticut already use GL Suite, GL Solutions’ configurable licensing and permitting SaaS solution, to improve processes and outcomes. GL Suite helps agencies:

  • Automate business processes.
  • Save time and money.
  • Increase efficiency.
  • Adapt to ever-changing legislative and regulatory requirements.

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