May 31, 2022

Audit examines missing foster children reporting by state

Regulatory Roundup

Audit Examines Missing Foster Children Reporting by State

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released an audit of state agency approaches to reporting and locating children missing from foster care. The audit revealed that during the audit period, over 110,000 children went missing. In addition, the number of times children went missing, ranged from one to seven times. The report identified barriers and deficiencies in state agency policies and procedures; these included “limitations in State agencies’ data systems.” View the full May report: National Snapshot of State Agency Approaches to Reporting and Locating Children Missing from Foster Care.

Methods of Third-Party Verification of License Requirements

The Council of State Governments explores how to best manage third-party verification in online licensing systems. “Third-Party Verification of License Requirements,” explains how more and more organizations plan to automate primary source verification (PSV). PSV refers to verifying someone’s qualifications through the issuing organization or another designated source. According to the article, a recent study revealed “83% of healthcare organizations have fully or partially automated the PSV process.” The May article also offers examples of state boards and their methods of third-party verification.

Surgeon General Recommends Industry and Policy Solutions for Healthcare Worker Burnout

The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD released guidelines for taking care of healthcare workers, warning the public about healthcare worker burnout. The advisory suggested actions to take to remedy the healthcare worker burnout, including ideas for policymakers, as well as the health system. Ideas include changes to the industry and workplace policies, according to Becker’s Hospital Review on May 23.

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