November 15, 2021

White Paper Describes Key Components of a Licensing System

White paper licensing system

What licensing agency wouldn’t like to process applications and renewals more quickly, reduce incoming phone calls and protect the public more effectively? All of these things are possible with the right software. But recognizing the need for software is easier than determining what, exactly, that system should do.

To help regulatory officials plan for their next system, GL Solutions has produced a white paper describing the key components of a professional licensing system. You can download it from our website, and we won’t ask you to provide your name, email or any other personal information.

Modern licensing systems increase efficiency by providing web-based self-service to licensees and the public. They streamline workflow and data entry, provide interactive guidance to staff and generate key performance indicators that allow agencies to improve continually. Key Components of a Professional Licensing System explains the value of these benefits and many more.

Designed correctly, your software system will serve your licensees around the clock and support your agency’s ability to tell its story to your board and to legislators.


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