October 26, 2020

When crisis strikes, it pays to have the right software partner

When crisis strikes—or anytime your agency needs to pivot and enhance your system—the right vendor can guide you safely and quickly to the right solution.

The COVID crisis struck many licensing agencies this year, exposing the limitations of the software they use to process applications and renewals, conduct inspections and share disciplinary information with the public.

By leveraging the expertise of GL Solutions, licensing agencies can obtain new software within months without having to navigate the slow and burdensome procurement process.

GL Solutions has served regulatory agencies for more than 20 years and brings a deep knowledge of best practices to the development and enhancement of regulatory software systems.

The GL Suite application can be configured to meet the unique needs of any agency. Our experts guide clients through the design and development of their systems, from the identification of agency requirements to go-live. Our installation and support model allows client systems to improve continuously without additional charges.

During the COVID pandemic, several GL Solutions clients adjusted their systems to meet new needs. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, like other agencies around the country, was required to extend expirations for licenses. GL Solutions helped the agency adapt.

Many licensing agencies, meanwhile, have had to adapt to remote work. Some GL Solutions clients, like the Nevada State Board of Accountancy, had developed their systems with remote work in mind. Nevada’s system manages examinations, renewals, continuing education requirements and more online.

GL Solutions is working with other clients, including the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, to manage the entire licensure and renewal cycle electronically.

GL Solutions even supports remote board meetings with our Board Meeting Management functionality.

If your agency needs a flexible licensing system urgently, get started now with our GL Simple installation, which can enable your agency to skip the lengthy procurement process. For a fixed monthly fee, we will design and build a system that meets your needs in a matter of months. Getting started is so easy that some agencies simply issue a purchase order through a software reseller.

To learn more about the GL Suite application and our accelerated GL Simple installation option, contact GL Solutions.

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