August 26, 2019

Welcome to GL Solutions Newsletter

Did you know?  GL Solutions:

  • Completed 984 internal improvements in 2019
  • Completed 7,683 improvements since we began a continuous improvement program in 2012
  • Completed more than a dozen new significant features in the last year like OCR, email management, and document management?

Why?  Because we are deeply committed to our partnership and your success.

Complexity abounds in the world of software.  You can count on GL Solutions to predictably deliver a timely, high-quality solution for your agency’s needs.  To do that, GL Solutions’ employees invent and improve new software and methods to meet your needs.  When we miss the mark on our standard of excellence, we improve for the next time.  Little by little, these efforts add up.  Overwhelmingly, your feedback drives the direction of our improvements and advances.

Most improvements directly affect the way we work together.  We established this newsletter to let you know about changes at GL Solutions.  Each week, we will highlight important improvements related to client success.

Those improvements will be grouped by the following categories of changes:

  • Process Excellence
  • Agency Partnership
  • Software Quality
  • Software Efficiency
  • Upcoming Features and Releases

If you have ideas or suggestions on software features or service improvements, please reach out to GL Solutions.  GL Solutions remains a committed partner to your vital role in protecting the public.

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GL Solutions strives to improve continuously. Please contact GL Solutions to learn more about GL Suite regulatory software.

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