June 23, 2020

Track enforcement procedures to protect the public

To protect the public, your agency must enforce regulations in a consistent and timely manner. But what if your agency lacks documentation on how to execute enforcement processes? When your agency fails to enforce requirements and statutes correctly, unqualified businesses might continue to operate, placing the public at risk. In the era of COVID-19, for example, consider the consequences of a barbershop ignoring sanitation rules. Your agency needs software that gives you the tools to perform enforcement functions effectively and efficiently.

Consequences of insufficient enforcement processes:

  • Agency fails to enforce requirements correctly.
  • Enforcement cases slip through the cracks.
  • Public exposed to harm.
  • Process exposes agency to liability.
  • Agency faces negative press.

Tracking enforcement procedures protects the public

​​Software that offers enforcement functions supports your agency’s ability to enforce regulations. You need software that enables your agency to track, manage and schedule the group of people involved in an enforcement action. 

Typically, enforcement cases result from a failed inspection or investigation, or from an incoming public complaint. The right software allows agencies to link the enforcement with related inspections and investigations, and directly with respondents and complainants stored and tracked in the system. This ensures a clear and accurate historical picture for the agency. Software with an enforcement component tracks all items related to the enforcement, allowing an agency to easily track every item to completion.

Benefits of tracking enforcement processes

  • Agency enforces requirements accurately.
  • Enforcement occurs on time.
  • Agency protects the public.
  • Agency protected from potential liability.
  • Agency avoids negative press.

​​​​​Features to look for

When looking for software that tracks enforcement procedures to protect the public, some key features to look for in a system include:

  • Enables data tracking and reporting on each process.
  • Queries records to better understand data.
  • Offers flexibility to choose processes.
  • Helps track, manage and schedule people involved in an enforcement action.
  • Associates all related and involved licensees and contacts.
  • Generates letters and notifications.
  • Tracks and manages appeal to board decisions or orders.
  • Supports all types of inspections.
  • Manages and integrates investigation information.
  • Supports agencies in managing complaints.

GL Suite at work: How clients use enforcement procedures

GL Suite helps meet real agency needs. Learn how these clients succeed by using GL Suite for enforcement procedures.

  • Cosmetology and barber boards
    The Alabama Board of Cosmetology & Barbering and the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, along with other cosmetology agencies, follow enforcement procedures to ensure individuals and businesses comply with requirements that result from a failed inspection.  
  • New Mexico Environment Department
    Food production boards like the New Mexico Environment Department rely heavily on facility inspections and enforcement procedures to ensure all violations are reported correctly and resolved. Without detailed tracking, large-scale public health crises due to food-borne illnesses would be much more common.
  • West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
    The West Virginia agency applies enforcement procedures when the states liquor stores fail to pass inspections.
  • Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services
    The Virginia agency enforces regulatory requirements when medical facilities fail inspections.
  • Medical profession boards
    The Wyoming Board of Medicine and other GL Suite clients use detailed enforcement procedures to ensure doctors and other practitioners that have severely injured or even killed patients due to negligence can no longer practice. This applies to other medical related boards such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and more.

With success stories from Alaska to Connecticut, discover what makes GL Suite different. Contact GL Solutions today.

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