December 28, 2022

Top 10 Technology Priorities for State Government in 2023

Regulatory news roundup

Top 10 Technology Priorities for State Government in 2023

A survey of state CIOs revealed their top Top 10 Priority Technologies, Applications and Tools for 2023. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) surveyed state CIOs to identify the top technology issues facing state government. Their number one priority? Identity and Access Management. The NASCIO Voices podcast interviews NASCIO’s director for enterprise architecture and governance, Eric Sweden, on December 20, about what issues moved up in priority from previous years.

Va. Gov. Releases Uniform Regulatory Plan

Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin released a Uniform Regulatory Plan that lists all regulatory actions expected by the state government, according to a state press release on December 20; the plan lists over 300 regulatory actions expected between now and July 1, 2023. The Governor explained that “Our goal is to provide more transparency to the citizens of Virginia. By publishing a comprehensive list of all upcoming regulations, and the tools we are going to use to evaluate the economic impacts, private citizens, companies and interest groups will be able to participate in the regulatory process in a more meaningful way.”

State Cybersecurity by the Numbers

Compiling data from government sources, along with industry groups, Government Technology distills the statistics on state cybersecurity. Data from the Center for Digital Government, for example, shows that 98% of states need more cybersecurity staff in the next few years. The Center also reveals that cybersecurity makes up a small part of IT budgets; for 54% of states, the percent of the IT budget dedicated to cybersecurity numbers only one to five percent.


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