October 19, 2022

Tips for Retaining and Recruiting your Regulatory Workforce

state CIO survey

Workforce issues continue to challenge state leaders, especially in the last few years. The recently released 2022 State CIO Survey, The People Imperative, from the National Association of Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) confirmed that ever-present issue.

NASCIO asked state CIOs: Besides increased compensation, what single action should be implemented in recruiting and retaining the future IT workforce in your state?  The top answers from CIOs included:

  1. Reskilling current employees to meet modern IT demands
  2. Aligning IT job titles, classifications and descriptions more closely to the private sector
  3. Increasing remote work options
  4. Expanding flexible work schedules
  5. Streamlining the hiring process and reducing time to hire

“Workforce is the single largest challenge any leader faces and getting the workforce component right is the make/break success of the CIO,” a survey respondent stated.

Read all the results of the 2022 State CIO Survey, The People Imperative on the NASCIO website.

And learn more about how a declining workforce impacts agency staff and those they serve in The Great Resignation’s Impact on Regulatory Agencies.

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