August 30, 2022

The Future of IT and State Regulatory Agencies

Future of IT and State Regulatory Agencies

Learn about the future of IT and state regulatory agencies in our interview with GL Solutions’ CEO, Bill Moseley. “Technical complexities,” he says, “along with increasing expectations from licensees, are the face of the future for regulatory agencies.” Other topics covered in the interview include:

Government regulatory agencies face an increasingly complex world.

These complications include:

  • security requirements
  • storage requirements
  • advanced communications

Adding another layer of workflow between the back-office agency and licensees, adds further complications.

IT now increasingly important to regulatory agencies:

  • agencies need outside experts to help
  • IT attrition rates in government high
  • procurement a slow process, while technology advances quickly

Public expectations changing

According to Moseley, the public expects government agencies to “be as easy to work with as a bank.” At a minimum, the public expects to talk with a person at the agency, as well as experience a fast turnaround on requests. When that fails, the agency fields complaints and in some cases legislative hearings to investigate agency issues.

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