February 15, 2021

Support remote work, go paperless with document management

Document management

The COVID pandemic has changed the way regulatory agencies work. More than ever before, licensing officials must be able to do their jobs from home. And to help staff work remotely, regulatory agencies must wean themselves from paper documents. It’s not easy for licensing specialists working from home to process applications and renewals that are snail mailed to your agency’s office.

GL Suite makes it easy to manage electronically submitted documents. Staff can capture, process and share documents of any type electronically. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), GL Suite can even scan documents for relevant information and populate fields with the system.

The system can handle documents of any type in any format. Commonly submitted documents include applications and supporting material such as fingerprint cards. Common file types include text documents, PDFs, audio and video files.

GL Suite automatically links uploaded documents to associated records, making them instantly accessible to authorized staff. When uploaded documents fulfill requirements, the system automatically updates the related status to “complete.” The application can record when a document was received and uploaded – and by whom.

Additional time and labor can be saved by the addition of OCR. The system can scan fields on incoming forms and copy selected information on appropriate fields in GL Suite.

Document management and OCR can work hand in hand to automate much of the manual work tied to the processing of applications and renewals. Consider a common scenario in which a licensee emails an attached renewal form. GL Suite can detect the form, save it to the associated record, and scan it, through OCR, in order to auto-populate data fields in the system.

GL Suite streamlines communication in other ways as well. Custom templates allow staff to send notices, licenses and other material to single recipients and to groups. The system even populates templates automatically with names, addresses and other data. Outgoing and incoming email messages, along with attachments, can be attached automatically to associated records in the system, simplifying research and retrieval.

Learn more about Document Management in GL Suite

To learn more about document management, OCR and the many other ways GL Suite helps regulatory agencies communicate easily and operate efficiently, visit our website, email at hello@glsolutions.com or call at (971) 337-2659.

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