July 9, 2021

Support child care providers and licensing staff with an online application portal

child care license

Complex and lengthy. Those two words best describe the licensure process for providers of child care, foster care and other services for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and disabled. Wouldn’t it be great if providers applied for licensure at their own pace and without the direct involvement of your staff?

With GL Solutions, they can.

For more than two decades, GL Solutions has developed software that helps licensing agencies operate efficiently. Our GL Suite application automates key business processes, from license applications and renewals to inspections, case management and board meeting preparation. Through automation, the application saves time while reducing data entry errors.

GL Suite also supports online portals that allow providers to apply for and renew licenses without real-time support from your staff. After logging into a secure account, a provider can provide all information needed for licensure. Because the process can take months to complete, the system allows applicants to provide required information as it becomes available, picking up right where they left off.  

When completing a step requires action from a licensing professional, a task will appear in the appropriate employee work queue. And when all required steps have been completed, the GL Suite system will produce an electronic license certificate that can be obtained through the online portal. Providers can pay all required fees online as well.

Because applicants and licensees enter data online, Web portals virtually eliminate the use of paper. They also support remote work: There’s no need to visit the office to pick up paper applications, accept payments or meet with licensees in person.

To learn more about GL Solutions and the GL Suite application, visit our website, email us at hello@glsolutions.com, request a demo or call at 971.337.2659.  

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