May 10, 2021

Subscription Installation: An Affordable Path to New Software

GL Solutions subscription installation

Modern software could help many regulatory agencies work more efficiently. But cost can be an insurmountable barrier, leaving staff to struggle with Excel worksheets, overstuffed file cabinets and nonstop data entry.

Fortunately, the cost barrier is shrinking.

State regulatory agencies are in an excellent position to upgrade their software systems thanks to the availability of funding through the CARES Act and other federal relief programs. Meanwhile, agencies can avoid large up-front costs by choosing GL Solutions’ subscription installation option. We’ve been helping licensing officials protect the public, reduce manual data entry and fight carpal tunnel syndrome since 1997.

What is a subscription installation?

For an affordable monthly fee based on the number of users, GL Solutions will design and install software to automate key business processes, from license applications to board-meeting preparation. Your agency can go live in a matter of months with a basic system, then continue to expand it using our support plans. Or you can spend more time developing a larger system, which also can be expanded continually after go-live. Either way, your system will cost less than an identical system delivered in turnkey fashion through the standard procurement process.

Our expertise saves you money

For more than 20 years, GL Solutions has developed software exclusively for government regulators. We’ve installed scores of systems for a wide variety of agencies, from boards of geology to human services agencies. Over that time, we’ve developed an extensive library of business processes and the expertise to configure them to meet the unique needs of almost any agency. All of this allows GL Solutions to work efficiently, saving our clients time and money.

Learn more about our subscription installation

To learn more about GL Solutions and our subscription installation option, explore our website, email us at or call at 971.337.2659.

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