February 8, 2021

Store emails automatically

store emails automatically

GL Suite allows users to email notifications and other correspondences to thousands of licensees at a time with little or no effort. The application can save even more work by storing those emails automatically along with related records in the system.

What does automated email storage look like in practice?

A medical board might send an automated email telling applicants about the status of selected license requirements. GL Suite could store that email notification automatically along with the application in the system.  This would eliminate the need for staff to track and store outgoing messages manually. It also would ensure easy retrieval should staff need to review interactions with licensees at a later date. The system can store emails automatically for both batch and ad hoc communications.

Automated email storage works with incoming email messages as well. The system can tag outgoing communications to ensure that replies are stored along with associated records. Incoming emails and documents that are not tagged can be reviewed and associated quickly with associated records.

Communicate easily and efficiently

Automated email storage is just one of the ways GL Suite helps regulatory agencies communicate easily and efficiently. Others include the use of automations and customizable templates, and the ability to scan incoming forms and auto-populate assigned fields in the system.

GL Solutions also builds online portals that allow agency staff and licensees to communicate at any time and from any location.

Learn more about storing emails automatically and communication management

To learn more about communication management in GL Suite, email at hello@glsolutions.com or call at (971) 337-2659.





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