January 18, 2023

State CIO Federal Advocacy Priorities: Cybersecurity, Cyber Workforce

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State CIO Federal Advocacy Priorities: Cybersecurity, Cyber Workforce

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) released the organization’s 2023 federal advocacy priorities on January 11. The priorities reflect the policy priorities as chosen by association members in the State CIO Top Ten list. According to NASCIO, the priorities include:

  • Expanding and Strengthening the State Cyber Workforce
  •  Harmonize Disparate Federal Cybersecurity Regulations
  •  Ensure Responsible Implementation of the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program
  •  Continued Adoption of DotGov Domain is Essential

The NASCIO Voices podcast reviews the list, discussing what has changed and what has stayed the same, compared to previous years.

Nev. Gov. Orders Cuts to Professional Licensing Rules

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed an executive order on January 12, directing all occupational and licensing boards to stop creating regulations that limit people from entering an occupation in Nevada. According to the Nevada Independent, the “order states that if an occupation isn’t subject to licensure in more than 25 states, the licensure requirements for such positions must be phased out by July 1.” The order also asks for the expansion of licensing reciprocity—enabling those with licenses in one state to gain a license in another state.

Ky. Bill Proposes Music Therapy Licensing Board

A bill in the Kentucky senate proposes creating a music therapy licensing board; beyond establishg the board, the bill also defines standards, and enables the board to take disciplinary action. The bill, with bipartisan support in the Kentucky senate, also promotes awareness of music therapy. Lawmakers head back to Frankfort on February 7, according to WDRB.

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