November 16, 2020

Specialized software solutions for regulatory agencies

GL Solutions has developed software for regulatory agencies for more than two decades.

What does that experience look like?

 It looks a lot like GL Solutions’ extensive business process library.

The library contains more than 80 business processes related to a wide range of agency needs, from accounting to workflow management. Each business process is carefully documented to ensure consistent production and high-quality results. When our business analysts interview regulators who handle complaints, for example, they use a detailed questionnaire that leverages scores of previous installations and system enhancements. This thoroughness continues through configuration, development and testing.

GL Solutions’ decades of experience also look like the highly configurable GL Suite application, which recognizes that every regulatory agency is unique.

Cosmetology boards in two states might have a lot in common, but they’re certain to be different for the simple reason that their legislatures are. Through the GL Suite application, each business process can be tailored to meet the particular needs of the regulatory agency using it.

This balance of best practices and flexibility allows client systems to evolve continually after go-live.

As quickly as your legislature adds license types and continuing-education requirements, your GL Suite system can be enhanced to accommodate them, reducing work and data-entry errors.

Our clients have enjoyed this flexibility for years, from the Nevada Board of Accountancy, which developed a system to support remote work long before the COVID crisis, to the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, which has enhanced its system regularly in response to legislative requirements.

Now, thanks to GL Solutions’ subscription installation option, your agency can take advantage of our expertise without navigating the lengthy procurement process.

GL Solutions and the GL Suite application, contact us to learn more.

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