November 3, 2021

Software can help investigators write reports. Our webinar will show you how.

reports for investigators

An Alaska child-care agency had a problem. The child welfare information system (CWIS) the state uses provided no guidance to investigators when reporting their findings. It merely featured a blank field, which investigators filled with information they deemed relevant.

The results were … not good.

Some investigators provided too little information to support appropriate disciplinary actions. Others filled the space with loads of irrelevant information. The supervisors who reviewed the reports often had to send them back for revisions, frustrating investigators and creating delays.

The agency wanted to know whether software could address the problem. It didn’t need a comprehensive system, as the CWIS would continue to do much of the heavy lifting. It just needed a system to streamline investigations and generate usable reports.

Software systems can provide exactly the kind of help this agency needed.

We showed the agency a system developed for a Virginia child-are agency that walks staff through both investigations and inspections in step-by-step fashion, gathering data along the way. The system then automatically produces investigation findings reports and corrective action plans.

The findings reports list investigative dates and actions as well as findings and regulations cited. The corrective action plans list standards cited, descriptions of noncompliance and actions to be taken. The guidance provided by the software ensures that investigations and inspections are thorough. And it writes reports automatically, improving quality of life for inspectors and supervisors alike.

If you want to see how the GL Suite system automates the creation of reports, register for our Nov. 11 webinar, which will take place at 12 p.m. Mountain Time.

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