November 10, 2021

Software Can Help Agencies with Unusual Problems

Unique agency problems

Most regulatory agencies decide to acquire database software for one of two reasons. Some have no database systems at all and discover eventually that it’s not enough to operate with spreadsheets and file cabinets. Others have database systems that no longer meet their needs.

And then there are the agencies whose needs are just … weird.

Such agencies may not need a comprehensive system that manages all of their work. They just need help with one or two business processes. Because their needs are unique and limited, it may not occur to agency leaders to seek help from software vendors. But they should.

Over the past month, we’ve looked at a handful of unique problems real agencies have brought to our attention. In each case, a software solution was available.

Here’s a recap:

A Wyoming human services agency needed help managing fingerprints and background checks. The staffer who handled this work often had to stay at the office late into the night. Read more about the problem and solution on our blog.

A Wisconsin agency that investigates allegations of misconduct by health professionals needed help with investigations and background checks. Read more about its problems and our solution on our blog.

Investigators with an Alaska foster care agency needed help writing reports. Read more about the problem and our solution on our blog.


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