May 26, 2020

Count on secure hosting, dependable support

Your agency counts on your computer system and network to function properly to enable staff to complete work in a timely manner. When state IT fails to address system issues, however, you struggle to keep up with routine and important work, like printing licenses. Your agency slides further behind. Look for a plan that includes unlimited defect correction, as well as hosting at a secure data center, giving your staff the tools they need to complete their work accurately and on time.

Secure support and hosting solve many common problems:

  • Agency struggles to fix issues.
  • Agency struggles to receive support.
  • Staff fall behind in work.
  • Staff unable to perform jobs.
  • Staff unable to meet deadlines.
  • Agency receives complaints.
  • Agency incurs costs with state IT.
 Secure support and hosting improve service and reliability

​​Find a software vendor with experience supporting clients, making improvements and fixing problems. Ideally, look for a vendor with affordable, flexible support plans to help your agency complete work as needed. Plans that offer unlimited issue correction keep your system in optimal shape. In addition, choose a vendor with the ability to host your system. Rather than rely on costly and sometimes unresponsive state IT to host your agency’s system, move hosting to your new vendor, ensuring the new vendor also includes all equipment and IT support.

Benefits of secure support and hosting:
  • Agency easily fixes issues.
  • Agency receives ongoing support.
  • Staff keep up with work.
  • Staff able to perform work.
  • Staff meet deadlines
  • Agency receives support.
  • Agency saves money.
​​​​​Support plan features to look for

When looking for a software support plan that offers reliable support and hosting, some key features to look for include:

  • Offers unlimited defect correction.
  • Covers hosting at a Tier III hosting facility, backups, and security compliance.
  • Includes choice of support plans.
  • Offers ample hosting experience.
Why agencies make the switch to GL Simple

Several GL Solutions’ clients started by hosting their own servers or by allowing state IT to host their GL Suite systems. Over time, the agencies discovered that hosting this way proved unreliable and problematic, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for state-run hosting center costs. These agencies chose to move hosting to GL Solutions. GL Solutions’ GL Simple support plan includes hosting, along with all network and hardware support. And hosting with GL Solutions reliably runs the GL Suite system with over 99.4% uptime at a fraction of the cost.

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