You need to share important information with other departments, but your system isn’t set up to make this easy. Common consequences of that struggle include

  • Your staff spend time manually updating records or uploading documents for other agencies.
  • Your staff spend less time performing work for your agency.
  • Other agencies struggle to find needed information in your system.
  • Your agency receives pressure to update your system.

Implement role-based security to share information

Role-based security helps you share information with other departments. Allowing staff on other teams to log in to your system enables your staff to work on other tasks. Role-based security gives staff access only to the information to which they are entitled, promoting both efficiency and security. You control access to your system, removing or modifying staff permissions at any time.

Benefits of role-based security

Adding role-based security to your system offers many benefits. These include:

  • Departments share information
  • Staff access documents
  • Staff save time
  • Agencies set permissions
  • Departments work synergistically

Features to look for

When selecting role-based security for your system, some key features to look for include:

  • Sets permissions on reports, correspondence, queries, batch functions and business rules
  • Handles exceptions for specific users or groups
  • Configures groups to represent organizational sections or specific responsibilities
  • Assigns employees to one or more user groups
  • Offers granular security to define security access for every data component
  • Maintains encrypted data in the database, for example encrypted social security numbers
  • Supports role-based rights to run reports, create letters, run batch functions and more

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