April 6, 2021

Retailer Portal Eases Background Checks, Cuts Data Entry

retail portal background check

Preserving public safety is the most important function of a weapons licensing system.

But it isn’t the only one.

Even as it keeps dangerous people from acquiring weapons, a licensing system must support a seamless experience for people who are entitled to own firearms. With its online retailer portal, GL Solutions’ licensing system makes it quick and easy to process weapon sales.

GL Solutions’ online portal allows retailers to perform required background checks in only minutes. Such speed is impressive given the number of databases that might need to be queried before a sale completes.

The background check required by one of GL Solutions’ clients queries more than half a dozen databases, including: federal and state criminal databases, the state judicial protection order registry, mental health databases that record voluntary and mandatory commitments – and even a state database of death certificates.

The online retailer portal integrates seamlessly into GL Solutions’ licensing system, which retains all sale-related information an agency desires. This automation eases the workload of regulatory staff while reducing data-entry errors that could compromise public safety or interfere with the sale of a weapon to a legally authorized buyer.

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