October 2, 2019

Reports, Correspondence and Queries

Government expertise

Partnering with government agencies for more than 20 years has taught us that each GL Solutions client is unique. When designing systems, then, we go to great lengths to put ourselves in your shoes. One example involves processes for generating outputs such as reports, correspondence and queries.

Designing such outputs is simple in concept:  Just select specified records and display them in a certain way. In reality, it can be complex. Data and circumstances can be very nuanced.

To ensure that GL Solutions designs processes that work effectively with clients’ unique data, our business analysts ask clients to provide an example of a complex record for each output we design. By doing this, we are able to develop and test for simple and complicated scenarios that mirror those our clients experience. The result: high-quality deliverables that do exactly what our clients need.

Learn more about reports, correspondence and queries in GL Suite

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