August 13, 2020

Hawaii Scammers Pose as Licensing Officials

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Hawaii Scammers Pose as Licensing Officials
Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, which oversees professional licensing, has warned of a scam involving people who pose as state licensing officials. According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the scammers ask licensed professionals for private, sensitive information over the phone. In some cases, they use tactics like ID “spoofing,” which involves using phone numbers that appear to come from regulatory boards.

Miss. Barbers Trained in Mental Health
According to the Clairion Ledger, 60 Mississippi barbers have received training over the past year in ways to encourage clients to talk about their mental health. Mississippi ranks in the bottom 10 for mental health care access, according to a report by Mental Health America. The training, led by the Confess Project, teaches Black barbers to work emotional support into barber-shop talk. “We like to say we’re like the Black country club,” explained barber Antonio Wiggins from the Trendsetters Barber College in Jackson, Miss. “You come to the barbershop and people automatically feel comfortable.

Va. Workers to Enforce COVID Rules
According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Virginia Department of Health hopes to hire 100 temporary workers to enforce COVID guidelines. This comes after the state received more than 23,500 complaints about businesses failing to comply with Gov. Ralph Northam’s COVID restrictions. The department plans to hire the workers full time, with at least one for each of the state’s health districts.

Wash. Child Care Workers Expect Educational Role
With the Seattle Public Schools announcing remote learning in the fall, child care centers believe the responsibility for teaching will fall on them, according to the Seattle Times. Child care employees believe they will need to ensure that children attend virtual classes. Johnny Otto, executive director of Small Faces Child Development Center, said “it’s interesting to me that nobody is having a conversation about why have child cares not been mandated to close in any way, and how are child cares operating with very little social distancing with children in small spaces.”

Relaxed Licensing Attracts Health Workers to N.D.
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum issued an executive order in March to suspend certain licensing requirements in order to allow health care workers from other states to practice in North Dakota. Licensed professionals from more than 38 states gained approval, including physicians, nurses, counselors and dieticians. The order, according to the Bismarck Tribune, allows them to fill gaps in health care, including, but not limited to, COVID work.

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