October 6, 2020

Protect the public with background check interfaces

GL Suite software

GL Solutions serves a wide range of state agencies, from those that oversee accountancy to those that regulate child-care licensing. All have one thing in common: They keep the public safe.

How can software help?

Consider the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The agency will go live within months with a weapon-tracking and background-check system designed in response to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The system will help prevent people who shouldn’t have weapons from obtaining them.

To that end, GL Solutions has developed several sophisticated interfaces that will give GL Suite and the system’s users nearly instant access to information stored in other databases.

GL Solutions’ interfaces allow the following:

  • When a person seeks to buy a gun, GL Suite queries the Connecticut criminal database and the FBI, which returns federal convictions as well as convictions in other states. That information is pulled into the GL Suite system.
  • GL Suite connects with the Mental Health Adjudication Repository (MHAR) and, by using a name and date of birth, prevents people who have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals from holding firearm permits. GL Suite queries MHAR automatically whenever a background check is triggered. This functionality also works in reverse. When a person is admitted into a psychiatric hospital, information flows into GL Suite, which returns permit information.
  • GL Suite queries the Voluntary Admissions Tracking System (VATS) to prevent people who have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals voluntarily within 6 months from holding firearm permits. This query happens automatically when a background check is triggered in GL Suite.
  • GL Suite checks pistol permit holders against the Connecticut Judicial Protection Order Registry. This prevents the subjects of protective orders from possessing handguns.
  • When police officers search for a license plate number while in the field, name and date of birth information flows into GL Suite, which returns a list of all firearms owned and permits held.
  • GL Suite sends a request to the National Crime Information Center for all gun authorizations for the day.
  • GL Suite queries the Connecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Communications Teleprocessing (COLLECT) system to get a list of all stolen or lost firearms in the state. Exact matches are flagged automatically, and partial matches are added to a list that users can match against firearm permits in the GL Suite system. This functionality allows gun dealers to run stolen-weapons checks.
  • GL Suite queries with the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CTDPH) database of death certificates, importing a list of deceased people and marking them as dead in the system.

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