December 19, 2019

Process improvement for high priority tasks

Integrated guidance for regulatory agencies
GL Solutions has changed the way in which we respond to and resolve your high priority tasks. Fixing problems is important to us, and we intend to do it in a way that ensures we are working together.


Because we need to communicate with you to resolve high priority tasks, we are eager to do so quickly and efficiently. To that end, we previously de-escalated high priority tasks after 20 minutes from the time we reached out but were unable to connect with you. This “communication clock” frustrated you on occasion as you may have stepped away from your desk or were otherwise unavailable when we called.


We have changed the way we handle these tasks in order to bring our focus on your satisfaction and to resolve the most urgent problems quickly. Rather than de-escalating high priority tasks 20 minutes after our call, we will maintain the task in a high priority status and resume work as soon as we hear from you. To encourage communication, we will reach out to you approximately every half-hour and leave a message explaining what we need from you to resolve the issue. If we do not connect with you by the end of the workday, your Agency Partner will call you first thing the next morning to ensure we resolve the issue.

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