September 14, 2020

Prevent license fraud with the right software

When licensing agencies run afoul of auditors, improper cash handling is often a factor. But not always. Licenses and certifications themselves are valuable assets, and agencies must account for these just as zealously as they track payments and account for cash.

GL Suite can help your agency prevent unscrupulous staff from generating the kinds of headlines agencies in New Jersey and California have endured in recent years.

‘Identity theft and financial fraud’

In 2011, according to NJ Advance Media, six clerks with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission were charged with selling dozens of licenses fraudulently to drivers who were not authorized to have them. The clerks charged up to $7,000 for each license and split the proceeds with others involved in a conspiracy to “commit identity theft and financial fraud,” explained state Attorney General Paula Dow.

Fake drivers’ licenses for weed

In 2020, a former California Department of Motor Vehicles clerk was charged with issuing more than 20 fraudulent driver licenses, according to The Mercury News. The woman admitted to working with drivers’ license brokers named “Jazz” and “Remi” to issue unearned licenses, often in exchange for marijuana.

Fight fraud with GL Suite

A licensing software system can’t eliminate the impulse to commit fraud, but it can make following through very difficult. GL Suite’s comprehensive business processes for license applications and license renewals track license cards and certificates, preventing unscrupulous staff from diverting them.

The system’s anti-fraud features include the following:

  • GL Suite assigns numbers to certificates and license cards, preventing unexplained sequence gaps.
  • GL Suite tracks license and certificate requirements and prevents staff from overriding them.
  • System reporting capabilities reconcile numbers of issued licenses against physical inventory.

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