March 31, 2020

Plan and Schedule Board Meetings Efficiently

Plan board meetings

Your staff likely spends time each month preparing for agency board meetings. What happens when your current system fails to help plan and schedule board meetings efficiently? A board meeting management business process offers a solution, enabling staff to fully manage board meetings.

Board Meeting Management business process solves many common problems:

  • Meetings lack an organized agenda.
  • Board members feel frustrated with agency management.
  • Staff spend time manually organizing meetings.
  • Staff spend time manually scheduling meetings.
  • Staff spend less time performing work for agency.
  • System fails to efficiently generate board packets.

Board Meeting Management offers a solution

A Board Meeting Management business process helps agencies to fully manage board meetings. The business process allows your agency to store and manage all data related to board meetings. Reports display all upcoming scheduled board meetings, as well as all records to review during the meeting. Board Meeting Management automatically generates agendas, as well as any review materials.

Benefits of Board Meeting Management:

  • System creates an organized agenda.
  • System sets up and tracks board meetings, their dates and locations.
  • System automatically generates board packets.
  • Board members feel supportive of agency management.
  • Staff save time.
  • Staff spend more time performing work for agency.

Board Meeting Management features to look for

When looking at adding a Board Meeting Management business process to your system, some key features to look for include:

  • Sets up and tracks board meetings, dates and locations.
  • Sets up and tracks all details related to the agenda.
  • Creates and manages board meeting agenda items.
  • Associates records directly to board meeting agenda items.
  • Uses a Board Meeting Manager screen to display and manage agenda items.
  • Uses the Board Meeting Manager screen to update agenda item status and notes dynamically during the board meeting.
  • ​Generates and posts PDF version of agenda online for public access.
  • Displays all documentation to review at the board meeting related to each record.
  • Generates board meeting minutes automatically, based on the stored agenda items and updated notes.
  • ​Posts minutes online for public access.
  • Efficiently handles all board meeting follow-up items and updates.
  • Ensures the retention of all board meeting history.

Agency spotlight: Arizona Board of Medicine

Agency Implements Automated Board Meeting Scheduling with GL Suite

The Arizona Board of Medicine implemented GL Suite’s Board Meeting Management business process over 10 years ago.

GL Suite replaced the agency’s arduous, manual process of managing board meetings with an organized and automated system.

The Agency’s board meetings include the review of medical malpractice claims; these claims often include a large number of materials to review, such as X-Rays, medical records and testimony. Board members require the materials in advance for adequate preparation.

Using GL Suite, the Arizona agency plans board meetings well in advance.

Staff run a simple command and GL Suite automatically compiles all board meeting materials in an easy to use format, burned to a DVD and distributed to board members in advance of each meeting. Each meeting occurs in accordance with the agenda, along with witnesses scheduled to appear in a designated order.

Learn more about GL Solutions’ Board Meeting Management

Learn more about us, as well as GL Solutions’ Board Meeting Management business process. Request a demo of our software and learn how GL Suite software manages board meetings.

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