May 18, 2022

Penn. nurses wait months for licenses, state report reveals

Regulatory Roundup

Penn. Nurses Wait Months for Licenses, State Report Reveals

A report from Pennsylvania’s Joint State Government commission revealed that Pennsylvania’s nurses face long waits to receive their licenses. The report recommended the State Board of Nursing make changes to their licensing system, along with creating a State Board of Nursing Task Force. The report highlighted issues with the current licensing system, such as an inability to edit an application once submitted. Read the full report.

Mont. Board of Ed. Approves New Teacher Licensing Rules

Montana’s Board of Public Education voted unanimously May 12 to approve changes to educator licensing rules. The State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen supported the changes, saying the revisions help maintain teacher quality and expand Montana’s ability to recruit teachers from Montana and across the U.S. While Montana Federation of Public Employees President Amanda Curtis expressed concerns that some licensing changes thwart the professional standards applied to teachers in Montana. For the specific changes, read the full story in the Montana Free Press.

La. Senate Approves Bill to Recognize Licenses from Other States

The Louisiana Senate approved an occupational licensing reform bill to recognize occupational licenses and work experience from other states. According to The Center Square on May 17, the bill requires occupational licensing boards to issue a license to individuals who hold a current and valid license in another state “with a similar scope of practice, as determined by the professional or occupational licensing board in this state.” SB 483 heads to the House next for consideration.


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