April 21, 2020

Paperless board meetings make remote meetings easy

Paperless board meetings

The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the way your agency conducts board meetings, replacing in-person meetings with remote meetings. A Board Meeting Management business process supports agencies with similar needs by allowing the creation and distribution of electronic board meeting packets. The process also spares your agency the time and cost of printing and shipping packets manually. A Board Meeting Management business process makes preparation for remote board meetings easy by allowing staff to conduct paperless board meetings; staff compile electronic materials automatically, whether using the application from the office or from home.

Board Meeting Management solves many common problems:

  • Staff spend time preparing paper packets.
  • Agency spends money printing and shipping paper packets.
  • Staff, when forced to work remotely, are unable to prepare paper packets.
  • Board members cannot receive paper packets quickly.

Board Meeting Management makes meeting prep easy

A Board Meeting Management business process helps your agency host remote meetings with ease by fully automating the compilation of board meeting packets and all related information. The business process brings together all electronic files required for a board meeting into a single, easy to distribute package. The process eliminates the need to print and ship hard copies. Your agency saves time and money with every electronic packet.

Benefits of a Board Meeting Management business process:

  • Staff save time with electronic packets.
  • Agency saves printing and mailing costs with electronic packets.
  • Board members receive electronic packets rather than cumbersome paper packets.
  • Application sends electronic packets automatically.

Features to look for

When looking at adding a Board Meeting Management business process to your system, some key features to look for include:

  • Displays all documentation to review at the board meeting related to each record.
  • Sets up and tracks all details related to the agenda.
  • Creates and manages board meeting agenda items.
  • Associates records directly to board meeting agenda items.
  • Uses a Board Meeting Manager screen to display and manage agenda items.
  • Uses the Board Meeting Manager screen to update agenda item status and notes dynamically during the board meeting.
  • ​Generates and posts PDF version of agenda online for public access.
  • Generates board meeting minutes automatically, based on the stored agenda items and updated notes.
  • ​Posts minutes online for public access.

How agencies save money with paperless board meetings

Agency saves over $14,000 per year by going paperless with electronic board meeting packets
To understand how adding the Board Meeting Management business process saves your agency time and money, we provide the following illustration:

An agency produces monthly board packets by printing and compiling hard-copies each month for seven board members and three additional attendees. These people must review the board packets prior to the meeting and go through the information during the meeting. Each monthly board packet averages 400 pages of applicant and enforcement case material. The agency pays an average of $0.30 per page for printing, compiling, binding and mailing out the required packets in advance of each monthly board meeting. The cost of producing board packets in this way averages over $14,000 per year, not including staff time for over 40 hours of manual work to produce and distribute them. Implementing Board Meeting Management with GL Suite automates the entire process, enabling the agency to go paperless and saves almost the full amount of time and money previously spent ​​to produce board packets.

Learn more 

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