May 4, 2022

Ore. launches $2.45M digital vaccination card—after COVID restrictions lifted

Regulatory Roundup

Ore. Launches $2.45M Digital Vaccination Card—After COVID Restrictions Lifted

The Oregon Health Authority introduced a $2.45 million app to enable people to easily show their COVID vaccination status—a month later than expected and after Oregon recently lifted all pandemic restrictions. The Oregon Health Authority, according to Oregon Live, did not know how many people plan to use the app. Rudy Owens, an Oregon Health Authority spokesperson, said the card “provides an equitable and accessible means for all individuals to maintain their important health records, while also providing a convenience factor that means residents don’t ever have to worry about not having or losing their cards if they need to use it.”

Audit faults Ariz. Optometry Board’s Handling of Licensure Requirements

A performance audit of the Arizona State Board of Optometry found that the board licensed some applicants without ensuring they met requirements. In addition, the board failed to respond to auditors’ anonymous phone calls or to provide some required information on their website. In response, the Arizona State Board of Optometry agreed with most findings in the audit and plans to implement the auditors’ recommendations. Read the full April report.

Mo. Licensing Boards Warn Consumers of Reported Scam

The Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance released a consumer alert on May 3, warning consumers of a reported scam. A Missouri doctor received a letter purportedly from the Missouri Board of medicine, notifying him of the suspension of his license. The letter identified a person in charge at the Missouri Board of Pharmacy to call. However, when he called the Board of Pharmacy, he learned neither the board of medicine, nor the Board of Pharmacy generated the letter. If a licensee receives a letter from a licensing board, according to Newswires, the consumer alert encourages licensees to call the official board phone number found on their website. Read the full text of the consumer alert for more information.

Mich. Requires Recordings of Licensing Board Meetings

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill on May 2 that requires licensing boards to record their meetings and release the audio or video under open records requests. Besides licensing boards, the new law also affects state commission panels and state rule-making boards, according to The Detroit News. Rep. Luke Meerman, sponsor of the bill, said “promoting openness and transparency in government ensures responsible decision-making from members of state boards and commissions.”

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