October 20, 2020

One agency’s simple path to a licensing system

GL Suite software

Acquiring a new licensing system through GL Solutions can be as simple as signing a purchase order, as the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department did this year. The agency used a state-authorized reseller and our GL Simple subscription installation option to avoid the slow and arduous process of issuing an RFP.

The GL Simple installation option allows an agency like New Mexico’s to procure a licensing system for a fixed monthly fee based on the number of agency users. As soon as an agency signs up, GL Solutions’ experts work with agency officials to design and build exactly the system the agency wants.

If an agency wants to start out with a smaller system, go-live can happen in as little as five months. If it wants to start with a larger system – one that includes websites, inspection and enforcement functionality, for example – go-live will take longer. Either way, an agency can continue to enhance its system after go-live using GL Solutions’ support plan.

The New Mexico Children, Youth and Families department engaged GL Solutions in May to develop a licensing system for a range of services and facilities related to foster care, behavioral health and residential treatment. The system also will manage investigations and enforcement actions and support websites that serve the needs of both licensees and the public.

An agency can obtain a new system sign up for a GL Simple installation without using a software reseller. If it would prefer to, however, resellers of GL Suite software include SHI, En Pointe and others.

Questions about the purchase order option? Please contact GL Solutions to learn more.

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