October 25, 2022

Okla. Occupational Licensing Boards Lack Oversight, Report Says

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Okla. Occupational Licensing Boards Lack Oversight, Report Says

A report from Oklahoma’s Legislative Office of Fiscal Transparency (LOFT) examined five occupational licensing boards and arrived at two key findings. In the first finding, LOFT determined that “Oklahoma’s licensing board governance structure limits accountability and oversight.” According to the report, Oklahoma, along with only five other states, operates licensing boards under a fully autonomous governance structure; LOFT determined that the model offers little oversight.

Workforce Reaches ‘Crisis” Level for State Cybersecurity Leaders

National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Policy and Research Director Meredith Ward NASCIO’s Meredith Ward said state cybersecurity leaders face a workforce gap. She said “this has really reached a crisis level for cybersecurity workforce in state government.” She noted that many states do not offer remote work options, while she says that option is now just expected; she referenced the findings of the 2022 NASCIO Cybersecurity Study. Listen to the entire interview on the Statescoop Priorities Podcast.

N.J. Child Welfare Reform Encounters Legislative Delays

A plan to improve New Jersey’s child welfare system, ending 20 years of court oversight of the system, has stalled in the legislature. The bill, introduced in March, “would give greater independence and authority to an existing Staffing and Oversight Review Committee to examine state data to evaluate the division’s overall performance, including whether it is keeping caseloads sufficiently,” according to Governing on October 21. In addition, the bill requires the Department of Children and Families to create a budget for the committee’s work to hire experts to evaluate the agency. Nicholas Scutari, sponsor of the senate version of the bill, requested a senate committee to post the bill for a vote on October 31.


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