December 4, 2020

N.J. A.G. Fights Reinstatement of Sex-Offender Chiropractor

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N.J. A.G. Fights Reinstatement of Sex-Offender Chiropractor

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is challenging a decision by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners to reinstate the license of a convicted sex offender chiropractor, according to In a motion filed in late November, Attorney General Gurbir Grewel challenged the move to allow Bryan K. Bajakian to practice. In 2005, Bajakian was charged with trying to lure a child into a vehicle for sex. He was later ordered not to see patients younger than 18, and his license was subsequently suspended. Bajakian is listed as a sex offender in Florida.

Ga. Medical Board Rarely Disciplines Doctors

A state audit of the Georgia Composite Medical Board found that less than 2% of cases against physicians resulted in public disciplinary actions during the last fiscal year. The audit, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Nov. 27, “portrays a slow-moving bureaucracy, dominated by doctors who allow colleagues to continue practicing even after being credibly accused of harming patients.” In one example reviewed by the AJC, the board disciplined Dr. Basil Lamont Anderson, a family doctor, three years after police received a report that he sexually harassed and improperly touched an employee.

Fla. Sheriff Uses Child Welfare Records to Predict Criminality

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office tries to identify youth “destined to a life of crime” by reviewing information from multiple agencies, including Florida’s Department of Children and Families, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Information from school districts shows which children struggle academically and miss many classes. Records from DCF, meanwhile, identify kids who have witnessed or experienced household violence. The office’s Intelligence Led Policing Manual notes that such factors make children more likely to become criminals themselves, according to the Times.

Ore. Nurse Suspended for Mocking COVID Regs on TikTok

An Oregon oncology nurse was placed on leave Nov. 28 for claiming in a TikTok video that she ignores safety requirements designed to prevent the spread of COVID when she isn’t at work, according to The Associated Press. Salem Health is investigating the post, apparently filmed in a break room, in which the nurse says she doesn’t wear a mask in public, travels and lets her children have play dates. The nurse’s video was deleted, but it is featured in a separate video criticizing her conduct.

Ark. to Expedite Nursing Licenses, Waive Fees

On Nov. 27, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced a plan to expedite licenses for recent nursing graduates. The governor explained that the nursing licensure board will turn around licenses in 24 hours and waive application fees. According to a nursing graduate interviewed by THV11, those fees can reach $400.


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