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GL Suite core build 371 will be released and installed on all client systems in April. Some highlights of the new build include:

Built-in Word and Excel editors

Clients that do not use MS Office will be able to use all MS Word and Excel outputs within GL Suite, including editing and saving. Our clients in West Virginia requested this capability as they are moving away from MS Office statewide by the end of April. We responded quickly to support them and deliver this new feature to meet their deadline.

Closed loophole in delete security

Currently, GL Suite allows users with delete permission on an object, but not on some of its child objects, to delete all of them. With the new build, GL Suite will check for security on all child objects prior to deletion. If a user does not have permission to delete everything in the hierarchy, GL Suite will produce an error message indicating the absence of adequate security rights.

Added ActionTypes for all child objects when being deleted

The system will now mark all objects in a hierarchy when it is deleted. This feature will allow GL Solutions to write rules that fire when a downline object is being deleted. In practice, this would allow the creation of a validation rule preventing the deletion of an invoice that also would involve the deletion of a child payment. Currently, if a user deletes a parent object to an invoice, the system will not support a validation rule on the invoice that prevents its deletion.

Added password expiration warning

The core build will make it easier for users to update their passwords. Anyone who logs in within five days of a password’s expiration will receive a warning and a link to their staff record, where the password can be updated.


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